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Review for Maggie Mae's wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111
Pros: The rooftop bar is by far the best feature about Maggie Mae's but the great crowd, the entertainment and drink specials also make this one of Austin's best bars.
Cons: Parking to go out on 6th Street can be a drag sometimes so just plan ahead or don't drive.
Comments: Maggie Mae's is by far one of Austin's best bars. The multi level and multi room bar features a British Pub, multiple stages for live music, courtyard, club room and best of all, the rooftop deck overlooking 6th Street and Austin's skyline. The crowd is young but diverse ..
Review for Rebels wrote by Anthony
Rating: 11111
Pros: Friendly people, beautiful staff, affordable drinks and live music and only country bar in the DT area
Cons: It gets pretty crowded after midnight so you might have to wait a little bit on ordering a drink.
Comments: Visiting Rebels Saloon last night, was pretty cool place. If you're into country dancing, they have a great dance floor with plenty of space to get your buggy on. Beautiful wooden floors and the type of people that visit Rebels are all pretty friendly too.
Review for Amped Austin wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111
Pros: The club atmosphere, the decor, the lighting and staff make this a club you want to keep going back to. Also, the location on 6th Street is ideal and one of the easiest to get to on the block.
Cons: None yet. Keep the party going Amped!
Comments: I went to Amped a few times during my week long trip to Austin and had a good time every night. Went for Happy Hour and then for the late night action on Friday and Saturday. The club and atmosphere is amazing! It has a good music, ..
Review for LUX wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111
Pros: Great atmosphere, friendly staff and fun crowd.
Cons: Parking can be a problem for any bar on 6th Street but this is worth the visit.
Comments: LUX is the perfect addition to 6th Street and is perfect for going out with a couple friends to having a night out celebrating for a special occasion. Amazing staff and service especially VIP Table service and the bar was well designed.
Review for Amped Austin wrote by Anthony
Rating: 11111
Pros: Lighting, people, DJs and options depending on if you want to lounge downstairs or dance upstairs
Cons: Does get a little crowded around 1am
Comments: I have been to a lot of different bars / clubs and I have to admit Amped is definitely in my top 5. The ambient lights help bring color and adds life to the atmosphere. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The Dj's that play downstairs and upstairs are ..
Review for Vulcan Gas Company wrote by Anthony
Rating: 11111
Pros: Friendly staff, a lot of space to dance, 3 levels
Cons: pretty dark
Comments: I recently visited Vulcan, the staff was very polite and quick to help me. The people here were pretty friendly, the dance floor is big and the DJ was killing it. I think if they could add some additional lighting and the place wasn't so dark this could be a ..

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