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Review for wrote by Anthony
Rating: 11111 23 August 2015
Pros: Friendly people, beautiful staff, affordable drinks and live music and only country bar in the DT area
Cons: It gets pretty crowded after midnight so you might have to wait a little bit on ordering a drink.
Comments: Visiting Rebels Saloon last night, was pretty cool place. If you're into country dancing, they have a great dance floor with plenty of space to get your buggy on. Beautiful ..
Review for wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111 18 July 2015
Pros: Great for parties and groups. Friendly people and staff.
Cons: None at the moment.
Comments: When I was visiting this was by far one of my favorite bars in San Marcos. Great staff, music, drinks and the outdoor patio is perfect.
Review for wrote by Anthony
Rating: 11111 25 April 2015
Pros: Burger, service, eye candy..(lets be real)
Cons: the sweet potato crispy things.. I love sweet potato fries, but not sure what this was...
Comments: I stopped by here to check out this place, I ordered "The Tank" a bacon and cheddar cheese infused hamburger and I was not disappointed. Great burger !!! The ..
Review for wrote by Anonymous
Rating: 11111 16 February 2015
Pros: If you use to go there you still have memories...
Cons: Read the review...
Comments: This used to be one of the coolest places in Austin. Good food, good people, cheap drinks. It was packed nearly every night. Then came Guy Fieri and his crappy ..
Review for wrote by daniel
Rating: 11111 16 February 2015
Comments: Had an awesome time for the first time there I will have to go back for sure
Review for wrote by Sonia Sunny
Rating: 11111 12 February 2015
Pros: Specials!!!! Nice staff! Great DJ's! Cozy places to sit! Lights galore and a big dance floor!
Comments: Lit is by far the bar on Dirty 6th! Love the place and the awesome people.

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