Reading books is an excellent hobby - it helps you fine-tune your focus, de-stress, and learn new things without moving an inch. It’s also a fantastic way to work on your language skills and evolve as a better individual. 

No matter if you are a true bookworm or a new reader, if you are looking for an amazing bookstore in Austin, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our Austin bookshop recommendations below.

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Bookstores in Austin You Should Visit

BookPeople: BookPeople is an all-around bookstore that stocks a variety of items for everyone. This largest bookstore in Texas is independently owned and offers almost all the books you will find in large bookstores. 
Most of the books at BookPeople are newly released and trending, but you can still browse indie ones.

In addition to books, this bookshop also has extensive options for stationery and toys. Alongside, there is a coffee shop selling drinks at reasonable rates, if you need them.

South Congress Books: South Congress Books offers a wide selection of used, vintage, collectible, and unique books. This charming little bookstore is located in Austin along Congress Avenue with many first editions and signed books.

This Austin bookstore has every possible book on the shelf, to say the least. From children's books and art books to literature and fantasy, there's something for everyone. We highly recommend it!

Malvern Books: Malvern Books primarily deals with imaginative literature and poetry reads from independent publishers. It also focuses on less-known and emerging authors. Highly recommended. 

Monkeywrench Books: Monkeywrench Books is a popular social hub and literature distro where you can find a good number of social reads to enjoy. They are donation-funded and aim to give back to the community. 
Here you’ll find a number of zines and well-curated selections of books. The most exciting part - some books from Monkeywrench are completely free, must visit. 

Black Pearl Books: Black Pearl Books is a gem along Burnet Road, Austin. They have an amazingly-curated book selection that's easily accessible in many ways.

The space is gorgeous, and the staff is interested in finding the exact one you want. Also, there are many interesting events and book clubs that will help you engage with like-minded people!

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