Navigating Austin can be tricky, especially if your hotel is far from Downtown Austin or near anything fun. Here are some of the best places to stay in Austin. Some of these hotels are pricier than others on the list, but most of them are decently priced.

HK Austin

If a co-space is what you're interested in when visiting Austin, HK Austin is just for you! History and architecture buffs will also enjoy staying in the elegant, 1892 Victorian mansion that's a registered Historic Landmark in the City of Austin.

The property features dual wrap-around porches, a completely renovated interior, and huge gated backyard, complete with cactus and lone stars. Among the many features and quirks that the HK Austin has, they have a wide range of amenities that are also exciting. From cornhole to vinyl record players, a fully-stocked kitchen, and nightly meetups, you're in for an experience here!

Kimber Modern Boutique

The modern elegance of Kimber Modern Boutique is definitely worth checking out, but what truly sets them apart from the other hotels on this list is their Key Concierge providing personalized local experiences for their guests.

Activities range from a "cocktails scavenger hunt," "Allen's boot fittings," "wakeboarding at Lake Austin," and a "live music crawl." The Kimber hotel blends the comfort of the finest hotel with the ambiance of a bed and breakfast.

Park Lane Guest House

If you're looking for a real escape when visiting Austin, check out Park Lane Guest House. At Park Lane, you can rent an entire cottage to yourself! No need for fussy room service or loud people in the corridors- relax and escape to pure tranquility here. There's a pool and garden area for guests, and Park Lane does allow dogs for a fee of $25 per night.

Archer Hotel Austin

The Archer Hotel brings luxury to Austin with Texas chic and Southern hospitality from the moment you walk through the lobby door to when you lay your head down at night after enjoying a turn-down treat in your freshly-made bed. Although highly stylized, the rooms are relaxed and livable.

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

Rated 4.5 stars on Google from thousands of reviewers, the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt is a great choice if you're looking for a place to stay on your next trip to Austin. Not only is the Kimpton pet-friendly, it also has a pool, wellness center, and spa services that come to your room!

Rooms vary in price, but one night on a weekend can set you back roughly $185 per night! They also have a rooftop area, which makes it the perfect place to checkout all of Downtown Austin.

If some of these places don't quite suit(e) you, Austin has plenty of other great options including B&Bs as well as hostels!

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