The list of the largest employers in Austin, Texas, including Downtown Austin, is a varied list, but most of the largest employers are either government or educational entities.

The largest of employers in Austin is the State of Texas. With Austin being the state capital, it is no surprise that the largest employer is the state government, with 65,688 employees. Travis County employs 4,000 people.

The United States Government employs 10,624 employees in Austin, including those who work for the United States Postal Service. 10,00 people in Austin are employed by the City of Austin. The Internal Revenue Service, another government branch, employs 4,728 people.

One of the best places to work in Austin, and the second largest employer is Dell Computer Corporation, which has its headquarters in nearby Round Rock, in suburban Austin. Dell, an internationally known computer manufacturer, employs 17,000 people.

Technology is another provider of jobs in Austin. IBM Corporation (Austin Research Laboratory) has 6,200 employees, Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector) employs 5,600 people.

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the best places to work in Austin, with 13,577 people on their payroll. UTA is one of the top five largest universities in the country. Other colleges and universities in the Austin area are Austin Community College (3,285) and Texas State University at San Marcos (1,995).

Austin Independent School District is ranked as one of the top urban school districts in the state of Texas. This district employs 10,714, making it an excellent place to find jobs in Austin. Round Rock Independent School District, in suburban Austin, employs 4,400 people in teaching or support positions. Leander Independent School District employs 2,800 people.

Health care is the other major industry in Austin. Seton Healthcare Network has 7,538 people employed there, St. David's Healthcare employs 5,712, Seton Medical Center has 2,112 , Brackenridge Hospital/Children's Hospital keeps 2,537, and Girling Health Care has 1,956.

There are many fine businesses on the list of the largest employers in Austin, including Downtown Austin, but the area is home to mostly government, educational, technology or health care opportunities.  Jobs in Austin are out there along with many employers who hire a mass amount of people.  Don't get lost in the mix, utilize our tools to help get your resume into the hands of these serious employers.