Unbarlievable is a fun-loving circus themed spot on Rainey Avenue in Austin that cordially invites people of all ages, from young professionals to baby-boomers to enjoy a memorable night out. Rainey Avenue is the street to be on for a fun night in Austin. There are fifteen or so houses on the same street that have been renovated into casual bars, perfect for a celebration! Even if it is just a Monday night. 


From the moment you walk by the life-sized giraffe on the front lawn to this unusual bar and restaurant, you know it is a place where the fun never stops. Upon entering the bar you will see ginormous Moscow mules being carried by waitresses to their tables. You will hear live music being played on the stage out back. You will probably notice the outrageous decor including the adult turbo tube slide that leads you to the back patio from the inside bar. It is painted in a variety of colors that spiral together as you spiral down the slide. There are also games and activities that partiers enjoy like giant Jenga, hula hoops, beach balls and Nerf guns.


The atmosphere is casual and sport-bar-like, so you'll likely find fans of the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans watching a game from one of their 10 flat screen TVs and cheering loud for their favorite team. Many regulars enjoy stopping in for a drink while walking their dogs in the neighborhood because (as unbarlievable as it is) they’re a dog-friendly bar!


Their food and drinks follow their circus theme, meaning lots of fried food and extravagant sweets! They offer bites like cotton candy, kettle corn and mini corn dogs for starters. The prices are fair and the plates are shareable because the serving sizes are as outrageous as the decor. They serve funnel cakes of all kinds, from your typical sweet fried batter to some more savory, nacho-like options to choose from. One of the most popular things on the menu is the Big Top BBQ funnel cake which is topped with Carolina pulled pork, crunchy coleslaw, and pickles, with a drizzle of BBQ sauce over the top. They also offer a variety of salads for their more health-conscious customers.


When it comes to their drinks, they are OVER. THE. TOP. They serve a wide variety of beers and cocktails for their customers to enjoy. But what really brings crowds in are their over-sized hurricane cocktails and Moscow mules. There is the 24-ounce New Orleans-style hurricane and an Elephant Mule which comes in 96-ounce ($50) or 196-ounce ($95) copper mugs. So come stick a neon green, pink or orange straw into a ginormous vat of alcohol to start your night out off right! 


The busiest nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday when some of the 150,000 local college students, from 12 different colleges in Austin, fill the bars on Rainey Avenue. It's an unbarlievable destination for a memorable night in Austin. So much to see and take in! 


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Photo by Yutacar on Unsplash