Austin, Texas bills itself as “The Live Music Capital of the World” and with good reason. Every year, folks flock from far and wide to take in the musical majesty of South by Southwest, Austin City Limits, and every concert, recital and basement show in between. So, how does one stand out in a sea of musical offerings? Simple. Offer up a live music venue that would give Ibiza’s hottest nightspot a run for its money and turn that place into a destination that even the snootiest audiophile can’t ignore. At Ethics Music Lounge, owner Vincent Salvaggio and his intrepid staff have made it their mission to transform their rooftop venue into a starlit slice of paradise backed by some of the freshest EDM and house beats from around the globe.

A 20-year veteran talent booker, Salvaggio opened Ethics this past March with the goal of providing a singularly modern take on the club scene. The first order of business? Ensuring an aural experience you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Ethics Music Lounge boasts a revolutionary Void Nexus acoustic sound system designed to provide optimal sound for the wallflowers in the back and the hardcore music fiends crowding the stage alike. In addition to rocking the Ferrari of sound systems, Ethics utilizes Salvaggio’s two decades’ worth of experience to net premier musical talents you can hear clear across I-35.
This Friday, August 19th, Ethics Music Lounge hosts South African house sensation Black Coffee. With almost sculptural precision, the Johannesburg-based phenom crafts his “home brewed but future focused” sounds and delivers house music hits to his fans all over the globe. From Sydney to Sao Paolo, New York to Los Angeles, Black Coffee built a reputation for vibrant, engrossing live performances that have singlehandedly brought the afro-house subgenre to the forefront of electronic dance music. When a trailblazer comes to town, it’s time to take notice. And he won’t be alone.
Supporting Black Coffee in his mission to make the masses move is Medicinne, comprised of the dynamic duo of William A and Allen Tagle. Representing the deep house movement, a synth-driven staple of electronic dance music, Medicinne’s sound is a mix of lucid, lively melodies and steady but smooth beats; think of it as a champagne bubble bath for your brain. Houston-based DJ Nathan Swift, who prides himself on the meticulous craftsmanship of his beats and exceptional sound mixing skills, rounds out an edition of Ethics Friday that promises to blow the doors off the lounge.
Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Join Black Coffee and friends at Ethics Music Lounge (422 Congress Ave. Austin, TX) this Friday, August 19th from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. for a premium house music experience like no other. The show is 21 and over. For more information or to book a table for your crew, contact You don’t want to be the only one to miss out on this historic night!