Downtown Austin's biggest, best, and most popular bars are located along the city's famous 6th Street.  Here, you'll find a never ending array of nightlife fun, tons of live music, great eats, and more.  Read on and learn about the most popular bars on 6th Street in Austin.

Maggie Mae's - This local legend bar boast the largest rooftop bar in all of Downtown along with a sports bar and authentic Irish pub.  Did we mention the three stages for live music as well?  An Austin must-see.

Buffalo Billiards - This huge billiards hall is an Austin institution located in a turn-of-the-century building built in 1861.  In addition to pool, they've got dueling piano music, an expansive bar, and more.

Shakespeare's - This Austin bar seems to have it all - live music, indoor and outdoor bars, sports on the plasma screens, and great company to keep the party going right for locals and visitors alike.

The Jackalope - The Jackalope might just be as crazy as it sounds, and we mean that in a good way.  Stop in for an assortment of Austin-inspired cuisine that won't break the bank, a solid assortment of craft beers, and more.

Dirty Bill's - Dirty Bill's might not be the brightest, fanciest bars in Downtown Austin, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  This cozy dive boasts an assortment of good beers, music from the jukebox, and more.

B.D. Riley's Pub - Get the authentic Irish pub experience at the one and only B.D. Riley's Pub on 6th Street.  Stop in for the perfect pint, fish and chips, and more.

Blind Pig Pub - Cheap beer, live music, dancing, and more is the name of the game at 6th Street's Blind Pig Pub.  Stop in to see some of the best and up and coming local live bands in Austin.

Dizzy Rooster - A bar just as wild as its name, the Dizzy Rooster is the place where people dance on the bar, kick back strong drinks, and have an all out good time in Downtown Austin.