Less than 2 years ago, Amped Austin opened it's doors on East 6th Street and has since become one of the go-to night clubs in Austin.  The state of the art lighting and sound systems along with the top local talent that Amped brings in, has helped rise them to the top of the nightlife scene.

Now Amped has just announced they are adding local sensation BeatChaser to the residency line-up!

BeatChaser will be DJ'ing on the 2nd floor every other Friday at Amped, starting tonight, April 3rd.  He will be playing a Vegas style open format set transitioning between different genres of music depending on the crowd and energy level.  Expect a variety of his favorite, dropping Progressive house, Electro, and Dub-Step.

As a long time local favorite DJ, BeatChaser hopes to expand his audience in bigger markets.  He has performed at popular venues in every major market throughout Texas.  His new residency at Amped only speaks volumns to both his work and the club's growth in the Austin scene.

Being that BeatChaser has been in the music industry now for over 20 years, we felt his view of the nightlife scene in Austin was one certainly worth sharing.

"I think the biggest force driving the austin nightlife scene is actually a hindrance and is driving it in the wrong direction", BeatChaser mentioned.  "The massive amount of condos being built have created a set of rules that are hurting the nightlife scene that has been there 30 years previous."

He is speaking about the ever growing restrictions on sound ordinances that make it more difficult for Live Shows and Performances to take place.

BeatChaser's hope is the influx of money and population growth in Austin will motivate more clubs to invest into remodeling to work with the regulations and not against them.

We asked BeatChaser what excites him most about Amped.  His response, "I love the vibe of Amped.  The small dance floor has the biggest energy level on 6th street. It allows me to create a crazy dance vibe."

Along with his new residency at Amped, BeatChaser is a resident DJ at Summit where he spins 3 days a month on varying Fridays and Saturdays.

Be sure to check out BeatChaser tonight at Amped!

For VIP Tables & Reservations, Call Kimberly at 512-431-1491.  For more details on Amped, visit www.ampedaustin.com

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