Calling all Austin party people, today we're talking vodka. Not just any vodka, this is Kruto Vodka.  

Simply said, all vodkas are not alike! The secret is in the substance, distillery process, and the water added at the end to bring the vodka to the correct proof.  Grain based vodkas are smooth and fruity while vegetable based vodkas tend to be harsh and medicinal. As for the distillery process, the more times the vodka is distilled, the cleaner and smoother it is. 

Kruto Vodka is a wheat-based vodka made in the Ukraine and brought to the United States by Russian emigrant Roman Talis.  Set out to create the smoothest, highest quality vodka for the American market, to have the best vodka to drink while living in the US.  

According to Talis, the traditional Cossack recipe uses Ukrainian wheat and water from a local aquifer.  While most vodkas are distilled only four or five times, Kruto Original is distilled 9 times and Kruto Flawless is distilled 15 times!

Kruto Original is a delicate spirit with a touch of floral and toasted honey from the Ukranian wheat.  It's smooth enough to be enjoyed straight or mixed with your favorite cocktail.  Kruto Flawless is exactly what the name says, Flawless. Because of the high distillery rate, it has a unique fragrance and is best enjoyed the traditional Russian way, slightly chilled and straight.

With a vodka this good, you know it's hitting the streets of Austin and turning up at the best places to see and be seen. One place to enjoy this incredible vodka is POP.  POP is a high end lounge that features an eclectic POPtails drink menu and an outstanding food menu, all in a classy, upscale environment. To make your night one to remember, reserve a bottle of Kruto Original or Kruto Flawless and enjoy a night with friends in their reserved VIP area. 

If you're looking to make your Sunday an extra special Funday, reserve a bottle of Kruto and head to the rooftop at RIO.  Enjoy spectacular skyline views, cabana and lounge seating and the best daytime pool scene in Austin.

If you're feeling like a night in with friends, hit your favorite liquor store and pick up a bottle or two of Kruto. You and your friends will be happy you did!

Photos provided by Anthony Johnson.