Leather boots, big belt buckles, and 10-gallon cowboy hats. What do all of these things have in common? They're all about as synonymous with Texan culture as George Strait. It should come as no surprise that every Texan owns at least one pair of kickers, but where can you wear those stylish pieces of leather in a metropolitan city such as Austin?

Fear not, cowboys and cowgirls, because we've compiled a list of the Best Country Bars that Austin has to offer. So slide into your best pair of Wranglers, loop up that shiny belt buckle, and slip on your best pair of boots so you can two-step the night away at some of Austin's best country bars. 

Broken Spoke

When it comes to Texas dance halls, the Broken Spoke Saloon is easily one of the most renowned country bars not only in Austin but in the entire state of Texas! This dance hall first opened its doors in 1964 and has been host to many of country's biggest names and a filming location for many classic movies.

Hailed as the last true dance hall of Texas, the Broken Spoke Saloon is not a country bar you'll want to skip out on, so grab your best dancing partner and head over to the most historic country bar in Austin.

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Buck's Backyard

Right outside of Austin sits a country bar that's keeping the country tradition alive by providing its customers with cold beer, live music, and some of the best burgers Buda has to offer. Buck's Backyard not only showcases some of the best acts in today's country music scene but serves as a lookout to the beautiful Onion Creek countryside.

Best of all this bar isn't just for grownups; you can bring along your little cowboy or cowgirl as well! So grab a cold one with the crew and check out this creekside country paradise! 

The White Horse

The liquor of choice for almost anyone who embraces the country lifestyle has undeniably always been whiskey. Whether it's helping you get through a breakup or to just celebrate, whiskey always pairs best with country music.

The White Horse Honky Tonk has taken notice of this and started offering whiskey on tap to all of its country music-loving patrons. Feeling like square dancing but don't know how? Well, the White Horse offers free dancing lessons to whoever wants to become a master of the two-step.

Take a few shots of courage (a.k.a Whiskey) and learn how to impress that certain special cowboy or cowgirl with your newfound dance skills at the White Horse!

Little Longhorn Saloon

Sure, country bars have beer, music, and boots, but are you looking for something a little more than just beer drinking and two-stepping? Well, look no further! The Little Longhorn Saloon has been an Austin tradition for over 40 years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

While this saloon offers the same amenities as any country bar on this side of Texas, they also offer a little something calling chicken crap bingo every Sunday. Sounds a little strange, I'm sure, but it's just like regular bingo except for the chicken's poop determines who wins the big prize, not someone picking up ping pong balls. Bring the kids to the Little Longhorn Saloon and experience this unique country tradition today!


Are you a self-proclaimed concrete cowboy? Sure, you appreciate the country fashion and lifestyle, but venturing out to the sticks and doing ranch work isn't really your idea of a perfect way to live. Don't you wish there was a bar that brought the country scene into the 21st century?

Whisler's is a bar that takes the rugged look of the country lifestyle and combines it with the artisan appeal that Austin is known for. The bar offers a large patio and perfected cocktails made with the freshest ingredients. Visit the bar that has a little bit for everyone and go down to Whisler's for Austin's take on a country bar. 

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Whether you decide to put your money on a chicken or learn how to two-step, Austin is a great destination for country bars of all kinds! So throw on your best pair of boots and have yourself a boot-scooting good time at one of the best country bars in Austin

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