Kayaking has always been a popular weekend activity in Austin. The city's position on the Colorado River creates excellent spots to dump your kayak in and get taken away by the water on a new adventure!

Many of these places have convenient rental locations nearby to rent kayaks and other things needed for the water. Find out where to go with our list of the best kayaking areas in Austin. 

Lady Bird Lake

Not many places offer perfect urban kayaking experiences like Lady Bird Lake. The views of the Austin skyline are fantastic, but you can also duck into some of the secluded areas of the lake for a more intimate experience. 

Several places along the lake like Texas Rowing Center offer affordable kayak rentals. One of the more unique things you can watch from the lake is the thousands of bats that rise from the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge every summer night!

Zilker Park

With 351 acres of great activities and beautiful landscape, Zilker Park is Austin's largest and most-loved park. It's the perfect jumping off place to go explore Lady Bird Lake, and the park also lies downstream from the Barton Springs Pool

Zilker Park Boat Rentals offers kayak rentals for $18 per hour or $54 for the day. When you're done with your kayaking excursion, you can enjoy one of the many trails inside the park. 

Red Bud Isle Park

Red Bud Isle is a more secluded space that's also regarded as Austin's top dog park. Dogs enjoy the leash-free fun at this park, and their owners appreciate the laid-back atmosphere.

There are no boats in the area, making it the perfect spot for kayaking and paddling. The only drawback of this location is that parking can sometimes be difficult, especially on weekends, so plan to get to this hot spot early. 

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

Commons Ford Ranch is a bit outside the city, but people flock here for a special escape into nature. Hikers can take a journey down the 1.25-mile Waterfall Trail and see several small waterfalls. 

Commons Ford Ranch has access to Lake Austin as well via the Pecan Grove Loop. The park is closed on Mondays but is open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. every other day. 

Spend a weekend exploring all the great natural resources and kayaking destinations that Austin has to offer.

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Cover photo courtesy of PxHere