We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But did you also know it happens to be one of the most delicious meals of the day as well?

Breakfast establishments are "in" right now, and being that Austin is a hub for all things "in," it's to no one's surprise that the city is packed with places to get your fix of eggs and pancakes.

There are so many restaurants in Austin to choose from, so we've saved you some homework and compiled a list of the best breakfast spots in Austin that will surely satisfy anyone with a hankering for hash browns, craving some coffee, or fancying some french toast. 

Magnolia Cafe South

First opened in 1979, Magnolia cafe proved to be a fun restaurant with a zany staff, a combo that could only work in a city such as Austin. While Magnolia is known for their breakfast, they also serve up some of the best burgers and queso in Austin. The best part about Magnolia is the fact that they're open 24 hours a day, 8 days a week (no, that wasn't a typo). 

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Started by two brothers in Colorado in 2006, Snooze has quickly become an Austinite favorite once the Austin location was opened. Snooze's menu consists of many breakfast fan favorites but with a unique culinary twist.

If the amazing pancakes and eggs weren't enticing enough, Snooze also gives 1% of its sales back to the community and composts about 90% of their waste, in turn creating a sustainable restaurant that gives back to its community. Don't hit "snooze" and head over to Snooze for a breakfast that tastes great and serves a great cause. 

The Omelettry

Started in the small town-Austin days, the Omelettry was founded in 1978 and, in no time at all, flourished. It should come as no surprise that the Omelettry has some of the best omelets in Austin with 11 different combinations to choose from! Visit the Omelettry for a journey into the past days of Austin cuisine and see for yourself why this place has been around for so long. 

Counter Cafe

Okay, so we've all had pancakes, eggs, and bacon. But where do you go when you want something a little more for breakfast? Counter Cafe serves up some of the most unique breakfast dishes in Austin.

This cafe serves up dishes such as a crab cake benedict, pork chops with eggs, or even quail and eggs. Needless to say, with items like this gracing the menu, the Counter Cafe definitely fits in with the unique Austin atmosphere. If you're looking to change up your normal breakfast routine, visit Counter Cafe. 


Would it really be a comprehensive list of great breakfast spots in Austin without mentioning a food trailer? Paperboy is an Austin food trailer with two locations, each priding itself in serving up quality ingredients that are all made in-house.

You can grab a quick to-go breakfast or sit down and enjoy a large brunch; either way, we think it will be a delicious choice. Don't wait to be seated! Visit Paperboy and get the breakfast you want without the lines. 

Joe's Bakery

Joe's family has been serving the community delicious food for over 75 years, making Joe's Bakery beloved by many Austinites. Joe's Bakery serves up Tex-Mex inspired breakfast plates all day along with fresh pastries and tacos. Next time you want a plate of breakfast food any time of the day, stop in at Joe's for a guaranteed fresh meal... and maybe a fresh pastry as well!

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In short, we probably all have a favorite breakfast spot that we prefer over others, but at least we can all agree breakfast is the best meal of the day, especially at these places for breakfast in Austin! Find more restaurants in Austin by registering on 512area, your free guide to the Austin area.


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