Ah, ice cream. It seems as if it's the remedy to any obstacle that life may throw your way. Had a bad day at work? A scoop of chocolate can fix that. Just got your tonsils removed? Here's a sundae to ease the pain. Unsure where to take your date? I bet you'll have a hard time finding someone who would turn down ice cream.

In short, ice cream is a commodity that's enjoyed by many and loved by nearly all. Lucky for us Austinites, this creamy frozen delight is being served up all over the city in many different shapes and sizes. So ice cream fanatics of Austin, rejoice, because we've compiled a list of the best ice cream in Austin that will be sure to satisfy any fan of the coveted frosty, sweet treat. 

Amy's Ice Creams

Anyone who has lived in Austin for any amount of time is aware of this ice cream establishment. What makes this parlor stand out among the rest, you may ask? Well, aside from serving up some of the best ice cream in Austin, they also provide a show while fixing up your frosty treat.

Watch as the Amy's staff quickly chops up and mixes your favorite candies and cookies into your ice cream. Sometimes, they'll even throw your treat way up in the air and catch it with a cup right before they serve it to you. So visit your nearest Amy's ice cream for a cup or cone of Austin's most cherished ice cream treats. 

Lick Honest Ice Creams

Love ice cream but looking for something a little more all natural? Lick Honest Ice creams crafts their frozen treats out of locally-sourced dairy from a Central Texas farm. Even all of their toppings and cones are made right in the shop!

Needless to say, Lick serves up the freshest ice cream and toppings in Austin. Are you vegan, or maybe dairy just doesn't sit well with you? No worries, Lick has four flavors that contain absolutely no dairy.

Lick also serves up seasonal flavors and rotates them out as the seasons change. Head over to Lick and taste some of the freshest ice cream Austin has to offer. 

Prohibition Creamery

Usually, when you think of an ice cream shop, you think of a place where kids run wild and parents frantically chase after them. Not exactly an ideal environment if you're not in the same boat as most of those parents.

Luckily, Prohibition Creamy takes the traditional ice cream shop model and flips it on its head. Here, they combine ice cream and alcohol, in turn creating a delicious treat with a kick. Choose from booze-infused flavors like whiskey chocolate, bourbon, pecan run, and sangria. If you're looking for an ice cream parlor with a happy hour look, no further!

Holla Mode Ice Cream: Barton Springs

Who said ice cream has to be served up only as a scoop? At Holla Mode, they serve up their frozen treats in a Thai fashion, meaning that their ice cream starts out on a cold sheet and is quickly frozen and rolled up into delectable, little rolls.

Holla Mode makes their ice cream with organic milk and even coconut milk, in turn creating an organic taste that can only be obtained through all-natural ingredients. They can also crush and mix up just about any topping you ask for. Visit Holla Mode for a roll (not scoop) of everyone's favorite frozen dish with a twist. 

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Cow Tipping Creamery 

While fancy scooped ice cream is fairly common to stumble upon, finding someone who makes a fancy soft serve is a little unheard of. Cow Tipping Creamery started out as a humble food truck serving up soft serve to Austinites since 2012.

What separates Cow Tipping Creamy apart from any other soft-serve parlor is the fact that they load down their ice cream with toppings that are not commonly seen in soft serve. While sprinkles and chocolate syrup are nice, we think brownies and cookie dough are even better. Visit Cow Tipping Creamery for a unique take on soft serve ice cream. 


Who said ice cream needed to be made with cream? NadaMoo has been making their take on everyone's favorite frozen treat out of coconut milk since 2004. This parlor offers up dairy-free flavors such as cookie dough fudge, caramel cold brew and cookies, and Himalayan salted caramel.

The best part about this ice cream alternative is that it has absolutely no cholesterol! Check out this creamy creation destination that serves up delicious ice cream without using cream. 

Whether you like your ice cream scooped, rolled, soft served, or without cream, Austin has you covered, so treat yourself to a frozen dish or cone of sweetness at one of Austin's best ice cream parlors. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash