When you think of steak, you might think of a steakhouse or grilling in the backyard.  But sometimes you want steak but don't have the time for that.  This is where Texas Steak Out fills the gap.  They provide a unique experience where you can get a hot complete meal delivered because "sometimes you just want to stay in and steak out."

The menu includes full complete meals as well as hoagies.  We wanted a sample of both so we tried the sirloin steak meal as well as the steak hoagie.  They do have a variety of hoagies but we figured the steak hoagie would make for a good choice at Texas Steak Out.

The sirloin steak meal was good, however, it was not exceptional.  For similar prices, you can get better steaks at a steakhouse.  The concept of Texas Steak Out is to provide complete steak meals available for delivery and for this, the value is definitely there.  When you are deciding to stay in and are tired of the traditional pizza delivery and Chinese delivery, Texas Steak Out makes a great option.

As for the steak hoagie, this is one of the best out there.  The flavor of the steak with melted cheese on a hoagie makes ever bite mouth-watering without the need for adding sauces.  Okay, it is Texas so maybe a little hot sauce won't hurt.  The hoagies are great for lunch as well as dinner and they even have $5 hoagies to fit your budget.

As for the dine-in experience, the service is excellent and the food was made fresh when ordered.  The restaurant had more of a deli feel than a steakhouse.   There also seemed to be several delivery vehicles to meet the demand of deliveries.

If you are in the North Austin area and are looking for a different delivery food option, Texas Steak Out is a great choice.  The hoagies will offer great value while the steak meals give you a complete meal that can be delivered.  With all the offices off Research Boulevard, Texas Steak Out can be enjoyed through delivery, take-out, or dine-in.