When food tastes out-of-this-world but lacks in the presentation department, it's a bummer. But you can get your cameras and appetites ready for some of the most Instagram-worthy food in Austin!

Pool Burger

The entire vibe of Pool Burger is truly Instagram-worthy. From the vibrant cocktails to the playful wrappers their burgers are in, a visit to Pool Burger won't disappoint. One of their newest creations, BB Bundt Rum Cakes, are butter-rum soaked and stacked pile-high with a giant toothpick! By far the most Instagram-worthy dish on their menu is the LocoMoco! It's a "cheesy, beefy, egg-topped, gravy-dripped rice dish."

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For a new, trendy take on Peruvian food, check out Yuyo. They serve up authentic Peruvian that is truly Instagram-worthy. From the signature crafted cocktails that are beautifully adorned with food inside of them or pretty flowers, try their Born This Way cocktail or the Pisco Punch. By far the most Instagram worthy dish at Yuyo is the Causa Nacional, which is chilled potato purée, ají de gallina, ají amarillo, and botija olive aioli. Basically, they're beautiful bites with purple and yellow drizzle all over them!

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Holy Roller

For a walk on the wild side, check out this edgy restaurant in Austin! In contrast with its name, Holy Roller has a punk rock vibe with a little bit of divine inspiration.By far one of the most Instagram-worthy dishes here is the Choco Taco Milkshake, adorned with the cutest little taco on top drizzled in chocolate.

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Le Politique Austin

This beautifully Parisian brasserie and pattisserie has "Instagram-worthy" dripping out of the walls. From the Parisian-style chairs in pink and blue to the plush couch cushions, Le Politique feels like you've stepped into France. By far the most Instagram-worthy item at Le Politique is the Grand Plateau, served high with lobsters, oysters, shrimp, and clams.

Schmidt Family Barbecue

Whoever thought messy, juicy, meat would be Instagram-worthy never visited Schmidt's Family Barbecue. From the seasoned ribs to the beer-can lined wall, everything about this place screams oddly Instagram-worthy, most notably their three-meat plate which comes with two sides. The platter of food is sure to get you loads of "likes."  

Z Tejas

For Instagram-worthy food in Austin with a Southwestern and Mexican flair, look no further than Z Tejas. From the Cilantro Pesto Chicken to the Blackened Catfish Tacos, nothing beats the truly photogenic Tejas Trio served with guacomole, roasted salsa and their large Chili con queso dipped with a drizzle of red sauce right in the middle of the cheese dip spelling out a "Z" for Z Tejas! It might not be the most artistic thing you've ever seen but it's incredibly delicious looking nonetheless. There are also two locations in Austin which makes it a convenient spot to eat at!

We all know that taste is what matters the most when it comes to a dish, but it doesn't hurt if they're cool to look at, too! 

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