"New year, new me."

You've probably heard this phrase thrown around a few times at your work's watering hole. But what does this age-old phrase really mean to you?

For some, it's getting healthy or, for others, it's spending more time with their family, or just trying to be an overall better person.

While this all sounds good, it's very easy to burn yourself out on the goals you set for yourself because you aren't just changing a bad habit but a way of life. Luckily, we've taken some of the steps out of your ladder to success and compiled a list on how to make your New Year's fitness resolutions simpler in Austin.

Going to the Gym More

"I'm going to start going to the gym more." We've either heard this phrase or said it many times before. Why are so many people not able to keep this promise to themselves?

Some of the most common reasons are lack of training experience, lack of specific goals, and lack of motivation. If you find yourself not going to the gym as often as you like or should, figuring out why is important so you can overcome whatever challenge you face and start keeping your fitness resolutions. 

Overcoming the fear of the Gym

If you lack training experience, hire a personal trainer to give you a personalized workout plan and make sure you're doing the exercises properly. If hiring a personal trainer is out of the budget, the library and the internet are packed with great resources that give you all the info you need to get in shape.

Many gyms also have staff watching the floor and will be more than happy to tell you if what you had learned is correct or not. Some of the best gyms for people new to fitness include Planet Fitness and Orange Theory Fitness. Both of these gyms provide a non-intimidating atmosphere ideal for someone with little to no gym experience under their belt.

Setting fitness goals

When it comes to setting specific goals for yourself, it's best to really ask yourself "why am I in the gym?". Is it to lose weight, gain muscle, or even just tone up a little?

Other reasons to go to the gym might be getting healthier, becoming stronger physically and/or mentally, feeling happier, or gaining more confidence through mastery.

Once you're able to pinpoint your goals, it is much easier to accomplish them because then you'll know what to research and what to do in order to achieve your goals. Gyms like the YMCA and Golds Gym offer free fitness consultations that will help you determine exactly what goals to reach towards. 

Overcoming lack of motivation

Lack of motivation for not making it to the gym can be the most challenging, mainly because it's not a matter of strength but a matter of will. The easiest way to keep going to the gym throughout the year is to start slow and go a few times a week and gradually increase your attendance.

Going to the gym is not only a big change for your body but also a big change for your mind. By easing yourself into the gym and slowly accepting it as part of your daily schedule, you'll improve the longevity of your fitness journey and get more bang for your buck in terms of your gym membership. 

Finding an accountability partner or joining a class can also help you stick to your fitness resolutions because you've made a commitment to a friend or class.

If you still find yourself unable to go to the gym as much as you'd like to, then you may want to talk to a doctor to see if you could have a physical or mental condition that's making you feel unmotivated. It's also possible that your diet or another lifestyle factor could be causing you to feel unmotivated.

Getting in Shape for Free 

What if you can't afford a membership to a local gym? Luckily, fitness isn't limited to a room full of weights and sweat. Many parks in Austin provide free fitness amenities year-round, and these parks prove you don't need a gym membership to be in shape:

Lady Bird Lake: take advantage of the running trail.

Mount Bonnell: in addition to walking, climb up the stairs.

Veloway: go on a bike ride.

Auditorium Shores: do situps and pushups at the outdoor gym nearby.

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Eating Healthier 

While this may seem ridiculous to hear, going to the gym is the easy part of your new year's fitness resolutions in regards to cutting down weight or gaining muscle. It's what you do during the other 23 hours that you're not in the gym that determines how successful you'll be in accomplishing your goals.

Eating healthy isn't easy, but when you have healthy food eateries in Austin, it's hard to hold up that argument. These healthy food restaurants in Austin will give you the fuel you need to pack on or burn off those extra pounds:

The Beer Plant: check out their plant-based bar food.

Blenders and Bowls: dive into a bowl of sweet acai berry goodness.

Juiceland: gulp down a smoothie or grab a wrap.

Connecting a healthy spirit and mind

Sitting in an office can really do a number on your back and posture and, worst of all, your mental state. One of the best and easiest ways to improve your posture and outlook on life is to attend a yoga class. Austin is a hub for yoga studios, and many different types of classes are offered all throughout the day. Stretch out of your comfort zone and into one of these amazing Austin Yoga studios:

Black Swan Yoga: the perfect place to sweat out your troubles.

Yoga Yoga: gain a better center of balance.

Pure Yoga: connect your body and brain.

Balance Yoga: begin your yoga practice here.

Whatever your New Year's fitness resolutions are, don't forget why you chose them, and don't quit until you've achieved your goals!

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