With Christmas all but on our doorstep and 2016 almost at an end, it’s time to start planning your momentous New Year’s Eve celebration. While you focus on the mirth and merriment, Capital Metro’s got the evening’s safe, sober transportation covered. Presenting a deal so sweet, they had to invent a word for it: New Year’s FREEve!
This New Year’s Eve, Capital Metro is offering free rides from 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.! No New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is worth a DUI (or worse), so why not let the friendly, courteous professionals at Cap Metro squire you about town for the night? Whether you choose to utilize the MetroRail, MetroRapid or MetroBus, Capital Metro will ensure that you arrive at your holiday festivities safe, on time and loaded for bear.

Forget the traffic! Perish the thought of overpaying for parking spots that are practically in San Antonio! You don’t have to worry about herding cats and getting all your tipsy pals to the party on time. With Capital Metro's New Year’s FREEve, you’re in excellent hands from stop to stop. Don’t let the fact that Lyft and Uber have flown the coop tempt you into putting your life at risk; Capital Metro is dedicated to keeping revelers off the road while providing clean, safe, totally free public transportation on the biggest party night of the year.
2016 has been, by all accounts, a mixed bag. Don’t give this evil gremlin of a calendar year one last victory by driving drunk and putting yourself or others in serious danger. Arrive safely and on time with Capital Metro’s New Year’s FREEve service Saturday, December 31st from 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.; with generous hours and so many routes and modes of transportation available, you can’t afford to pass up this rock solid deal!