What's got veggies, has a kick, and is red all over? Why, it's a Bloody Mary, of course! Whether you like it with celery or an entire chicken wing, the drink plays host to an array of garnishments. While the drink may have been invented in New York, Austin is known for having many different variations of the beloved concoction. If you're craving this tomato juice-based libation, check out this list of the best Bloody Marys in Austin that will surely add some spice to your day!

Star Bar

Nestled on the west side of the historic 6th Street sits Austin's own Star Bar. This bar has been serving thirsty Austin patrons for over 20 years, and its unique approach to drinks separates them from being just another bar. Star Bar is famous for having an over-the-top spin on the classic Bloody Mary. Instead of the standard stalk of celery or the chicken wing, they go the extra mile and put an entire chicken sandwich on top of the beloved beverage!

Along with the sandwich, the drink is dressed up with various veggies, cheese, popcorn, and even a mini muffin! If you're looking to wow out-of-town guests or just like your Bloody Mary packed to the brim with goodies, look no further. The drink is only available every third Sunday of the month, so mark it on your calendar and grab a Bloody Mary that's a drink and a meal all in one!

High Hat Public House

Sure, you've probably had a Bloody Mary made with vodka and tomato juice, but did you know there are other ways to make this savory drink? The High Hat public house is an East Austin establishment that is half-restaurant, half-bar that serves up artisan drinks that pair well with gourmet food.

One of the artisan drinks the public house serves up is a unique twist on our beloved cocktail. Instead of mixing their Bloody Marys with vodka, The High Hat spikes their Marys with sake, otherwise known as rice wine, creating a unique-tasting version of the famous drink. Create your own Sunday Funday by stopping in for brunch, sipping on a sake Mary, and enjoying a live jazz performance at the High Hat Public House.

The Park at the Domain


Love to gorge on Sunday brunches with Bloody Mary as your cocktail? Try out the Park at the Domain. The bustling sports bar is popular for some of the most delicious draft brews, grub, and drinks. 


Also, the ambience, with its modern interior, DJ music and TV screens, makes  the perfect place to drop by with your friends and loved ones. While the buffet is served till 3 pm, the Bloody Mary bar is available till 5 pm. How amazing is that? 

Guero's Taco Bar

Located on what could be named the most iconic street in Austin, Gueros Taco bar has held its rightful place for on South Congress for over 20 years. Along with a wide array of margaritas, beers, and salsas, Gueros also serves up a truly-Austin Bloody Mary.

Their take on Bloody Marys is made with Austin's own Tito's vodka, along with a house-made Bloody Mary mix. Visit Austin's most famous street and stop by Gueros for a salsa selection and a uniquely-Austin Bloody Mary. 

Casino El Camino Bar & Grill

6th Street is known for wild times and drinks, but how about wild drinks? Casino El Camino is serving up some of the most extravagant Bloody Marys on this list. The spice level of the drink can vary depending on preference, and they'll top it with just about anything the kitchen serves.

So while you're bar-hopping on 6th Street, stop in for an extravagant Bloody Mary topped with whatever garnish you can handle. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Adobe Stock Images