Why do so many people love Title Boxing Club?

Title Boxing combines no-hit boxing and kickboxing techniques with cardio and toning exercises to help you reach your goals quickly and continue conquering new ones.

This method is unparalleled and unlike any other, but it’s not the only reason people love TITLE...there’s much, much more!

1. It’s Fun and Gets You Fit!

A typical workout features a cardio warm up, eight rounds of boxing and 15 minutes of core exercises that are led by motivating trainers who are skilled in martial arts.

“But I’ve never hit anything in my life,” you say? Not a problem!

The helpful trainers will show you how to wrap you hands, work the bag and master moves that will transform your body.

Between rounds, you’ll tone up with exercises that will keep your muscles challenged and mind focused.

2. It’s Energizing and Fits Your Schedule!

With both early morning and evening classes, Title Boxing Club offers an invigorating workout that will boost your energy and step up your performance throughout the day.

Start your day off right with an energizing early-morning workout or take out some of the day’s stress out on the bag  with evening sessions. You’ll feel great, look great, and have energy like never before!

Each class features a mix of energizing music to get you pumped up to get toned up!

3. It’s Not a Gym, It’s Not a Place, It’s a “Club”

At Title Boxing Club, you’re part of something bigger.

Each workout is a group workout and everyone motivates each other to reach their full physical potential.

The key here is accountability and community, which gyms simply do not offer.

By being part of a community, you’re not alone or just another member at a workout facility, you’re part of a team that challenges and helps one another!

You’ll be building muscle and building friendships in no time. There’s no better way to get fit!

4.   World Class, Inexpensive Personal Training that Works!

Personal trainers at gyms and fitness clubs are often expensive and work with you only in one-on-one situations.

At Title Boxing Club, you are part of a motivating group that is led by a skilled trainer who is uniquely gifted in the ability make you laugh and have fun all while pushing you physical limits.

Trainers will teach you how to get the most out of your workout and will be happy to answer any questions you may have before or after each session.

Want one-on-one training? Title Boxing Club offers that too. Many members choose to receive one-on-one training to supplement their classes in order to get even greater results.

5.   The Success Stories

The Title Boxing Club member who lost 200 pounds.

The woman who went from barely being able to walk to running mud runs and half-marathons.

Those who wanted to make a change in their lifestyle and did something about it.

Title Boxing Clubs all over the nation have seen success stories like these and perhaps that’s why so many are signing up and why so many members keep attending classes faithfully; they believe true change in their physical fitness, motivation, and lifestyle is possible.

Begin your transformation today! Try a class for FREE!

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