Flights to and from Tampa to Austin just got more plentiful! Starting in April, Frontier Airlines ​will be offering flights from Tampa International Airport to the music city on Thursday and Sunday. This makes a weekend getaway easy and affordable with fares as low as $29 each way as Frontier introduces their expanded service. 

In Austin and searching for a flight to Tampa? Whether you're craving the sea breeze, have a meeting in Tampa’s  business district or a weekend trip to the sunshine state; there's a flight for you. Direct flights out of Austin-Bergstrom Airport only last a little over two hours before you’re touching down next to Tampa Bay. Even better, there’s at least one flight to Tampa every day of the week. Thanks to Allegiant and Southwest Airlines, you don’t have to wait to take a trip.

Allegiant Airlines flies into the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, making them the perfect choice for a weekend beach getaway. To ensure that you get the cheapest price for your flight, Allegiant offers optional additional services for an extra charge. These additional options include seat selection for $0 – 80, priority access for $4 – 12, food & beverage for $2 – 7 and Pet-in-Cabin for $100 (domestic dogs and cats only in a soft-sided carrier for flights within the 48 contiguous states). For your convenience, Allegiant offers online check-in through their website, you need only print out your boarding pass and bring it along to avoid a $5 printing charge. To get to St. Pete’s beaches, check out Allegiant’s deals.

Southwest Airlines fly you into the heart of Tampa, to Tampa International Airport. No matter if you’re in town for a business trip or a vacation, you’ll be at the center of everything. When you fly with Southwest, your first two checked bags fly free and you won’t have to worry about change fees if plans fall through. They offer EarlyBird Check-In that can be added on for $15, to ensure you’ll have a confirmed boarding position, and you’ll be assigned a boarding position before general boarding. To save even more time, you can now self-check and self-tag your bag at one of Southwest’s self-tagging kiosks at the ticket counter. Travel to Tampa in flash with Southwest.

Once you touch down, find things to do in Tampa at 813area. Find more on Austin’s transportation by registering at 512area for free to discover everything about Austin. 

Cover photo from Pixabay