Whether a tourist, or a resident of the great city of Austin Texas, there are an abundance of fun and diverse shopping locations to be aware of. Some of the best places to shop in Austin, Texas can be found in and around the downtown area, which harbors some of the most eclectic, diverse, and original stores. Home to almost three hundred stores, the downtown area is the perfect place to find a special gift, something for the home, or a new outfit. Mercury, Home Retreat, and Design within reach are just of few the stores that assist in creating a beautiful home environment. Not only can you outfit you're residence with treasures from the stores in downtown Austin, but Cowboy Cool and Anthropoligie are two clothing stores that carry a variety of outfit choices to suit any taste.

When looking for entertainment while shopping, there is no need to look any farther than the 7 block stretch of 6th Street between Congress Avenue and IH 35. It is not uncommon to see an abundance of University of Texas students trolling 6th street, visiting the many cafes, bars, and unique boutiques.

One place you will most likely not find University of Texas students is in the Warehouse District. Much like 6th street in its diversity of shopping options, the warehouse district caters to a more wealthy and older clientele. When shopping in Austin for a more upscale selection, there is no need to look any farther than the Warehouse District.

Another one of the best places to shop in Austin Texas is Congress Avenue. A little more off beat than other areas, Congress Avenue is famous for its SoHo feel and legendary music venues such as the Broken Spoke. This area as well as many other shopping areas in Austin offer many monthly events such a First Thursdays, that create a pedestrian-friendly environment to enjoy the splendor of shopping in Austin. When visiting Austin, don't forget to visit not just one, but every shopping area, as each offers its own unique splendor!