If you're visiting Austin or have lived here for a while, one thing is for certain: you've heard of South Congress. The eclectic vibe of the iconic street draws visitors from all over looking to experience what many consider to be quintessential Austin culture.

No matter your interest, South Congress has it all! The street boasts vendors of scratch-made food, world-class shopping, and even Halloween costumes. Even though South Congress is just one street, the number of things to do can be overwhelming. We've compiled a list of the "must-visit" shops and eateries on Austin's most iconic street, South Congress!

Grab a Burger at Hopdoddy Burger Bar

When you first arrive on South Congress, chances are you'll see a restaurant with a line stretching well past the front door. This popular burger spot is known as Hopdoddy's, and burger lovers from far and wide come for a chance to sink their teeth into a delicious burger no matter the wait.

What's so great about these burgers, you may ask? Hopdoddy's proudly makes all of their food fresh from scratch and sourced from hand-picked farmers and ranchers. When you visit Hopdoddy's on South Congress, bring your patience and appetite to enjoy one of Austin's best burgers!

Unleash Your Inner Child at Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Our childhood memories are some of the most cherished times most of us have experienced. Childhood was a simpler time. Back then, many of us didn't think about finances or careers- we were more concerned with playing jokes on friends or what toys we were going to buy next.

Even reminiscing on this cherished time in our lives can bring comfort back into even the most mature of adults. South Congress has a store that helps us rediscover our inner child called Monkey See, Monkey Do.

This store is loaded with novelties, gags, and toys that are sure to transport anyone back to their youth. Have a blast from the past and visit Monkey See, Monkey Do next time you find yourself on South Congress. 

Get Glammed Out at Kendra Scott Jewelry

If you're a fan of jewelry and live in Austin, it's almost a given that you've come across a pair of Kendra Scott's iconic earrings. While Kendra Scott's jewelry is sold all over Austin, you'll find the largest selection at the flagship store located on South Congress. Browse through a world-renowned collection of eye-catching necklaces, earrings, and rings that all started in Austin. 

Grab a Cup of Love at Jo's Coffee Downtown 

Walking up and down South Congress in the Texas heat can be tiresome. The only solution? A tall cup of delicious cold coffee! Jo's coffee has been a South Congress staple since 1999 and serves up way more than just bean water.

This iconic Austin coffee spot frequently hosts live music, fundraisers, and gatherings that have become synonymous with the South Congress name. Grab a cup of coffee and snap a photo next to the beloved "I love you so much" during your South Congress outing. 

Explore the Weird Side of Austin at Uncommon Objects

When you think about an antique store, most of us picture knickknacks, lovely old ladies, and nothing really out of the norm. Being that Austin is famous for being weird, it's no surprise that we have an antique store that takes after its city.

Uncommon Objects first opened on South Congress in 1991 and has been weirding out Austinites and visitors ever since. Browse through aisles of strange and uncommon antique oddities that are guaranteed to spark questions and intrigue. Let your freak flag fly high at Austin's own Uncommon Objects, features on the popular YouTube channel grav3yardgirl.

Find a Reason to Dress up at Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Dressing up allows us to shed the skin of who we normally are and express our inner selves are without fear of judgment. Unfortunately, this is primarily reserved for holidays and special occasions, hence why big box stores only offer costumes at certain points in the year. 

However, nestled in the heart of South Congress resides Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, Austin's most famous year-round costume shop. Try on thousands of costumes, pieces of jewelry, hats, and masks that you can rent for one night or keep for a lifetime. Express your inner self and dress up for whenever you see fit with help from Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds!

In short, South Congress is an iconic Austin street with truly unique stores and restaurants. Visit today and see why everyone keeps calling Austin weird.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash