When discussing the great city of Austin, the phrase "parking is easy" rarely to never enters the conversation. Between the small town streets and the myriad of cars that fill the city, there seems to be little to no room for any more vehicles. As you can imagine, parking downtown on New Year's Eve can be somewhat of a nightmare. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of tips for parking on New Year's Eve in Austin that will help you reach your destination well before the ball drops. 

Get There Early

Okay, we understand that being the first one to the party is not exactly "cool," but if it means not having to pay $15 to park at a nearby parking garage, that should be enough incentive to put your ego aside for a night. No matter where you're partying for New Year's Eve, there will most likely be a parking lot or available spaces on a nearby street.

We recommend getting to downtown before sunset so you'll be almost be guaranteed a prime parking spot for your destination. Get the upper hand in terms of parking this New Year's Eve and get there a few hours early because the early bird gets the best parking in Austin. And nobody says you have wait around for the party to begin- you can use the extra time to explore a part of Austin!

Use a Rideshare Service

What's better than having great parking on New Year's Eve? Not having to park at all, of course! Austin offers many different rideshare services including Lyft, Uber, and FAST. These services will pick you up from anywhere and drop you off at your favorite New Year's Eve destinations. However, keep in mind that there will be a higher demand for these services on the holiday, so prices could be higher than normal, especially after the ball drops. Relive the days your parents were your personal chauffeur and get someone else to dive you around Austin this New Year's Eve!

Take the Bus

While taking the bus might not be your first choice, it's much cheaper than parking at most parking garages in Downtown Austin. This New Year's Eve, Capital Metro ​is offering late night bus rides from downtown. The last bus departs from downtown at 2:30 pm, so that gives you plenty of time to go from last call to the nearest bus stop. Capital Metro is doing a late night pickup from five different locations all in the vicinity of the best New Year's Eve parties in Austin. Save some money on the ride over so you can buy another drink at the bar and take the bus.

Use a Rental Service or Pedicab

You've probably seen these scooters, bikes, and pedicabs all over Austin. While they may look like an unconventional form of travel depending on where you live they can be quite useful for getting around the downtown area. The bike and scooter services are operated by an app and are fairly inexpensive to use. Keep in mind that many of these services have a curfew, so plan a way to get back to your car or home. However, pedicabs operate throughout most of the night, so you will have no problem getting back to your car or home this New Year's Eve if you decide to utilize this form of transportation. 

With these parking tips for New Year's Eve in Austin, you'll spend less time stressing over finding a parking spot and more time enjoying the holiday! 

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash