Austin is a great city for anyone looking to travel to a place with a great nightlife, shopping, restaurants, and other activities. Austin is home to a campus of the University of Texas, and the downtown district has many different activities for people of all ages. This guide to things to do in Austin, Texas will provide you with some great information about places to go and things to do in this great city!

One place to visit if you are looking for excellent nightlife is 6th Street. This area encompasses seven blocks between Congress Avenue and IH 35 and has many bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and concert halls. 6th Street is a must-see if you are looking for great music and good food, and is a great recreational hangout spot.

The Warehouse District is just off of 6th Street, and is home to more bars and restaurants that are a little more expensive. The Warehouse District typically attracts older crowds and is a great place to spend evenings with friends or loved ones. This area is unique for its restored warehouse buildings that have been turned into bars and restaurants, providing a fun and distinct atmosphere.

Other recreational activities in Austin include spending time in the downtown area, where there are many opportunities for shopping, nightlife, or listening to any number of local bands at concert halls. The downtown area of Austin is located just a mile from the intersection of Congress Avenue and 6th Street, so you are never far away from a good time.

Austin is a unique city because not only does it have a great nightlife and excellent music, but it is also home to a branch of the University of Texas. The university campus at Austin is a beautiful sight to see even if you are not a student, so take the time to visit the campus during your stay at Austin.

With all of these things to do in Austin Texas, you have no reason not to plan your travel today. Make your reservations and enjoy your trip to Austin, Texas!