Austin, Texas is a place that remains singularly charming. The city's blend of art, nature and laid back Texan mojo coalesce to create experiences unique to the state capital. Below, we examine a few characteristics that make Austin the go-to destination, from the area's natural beauty to the renowned art scene to local happenings that remind us of the ATX's unforgettable local flavor. 

Mount Bonnell

For those seeking a breathtaking view of the Austin Skyline, Mount Bonnel is the star attraction. Covert Park fans out at the bottom of Mount Bonnel where parking and the entrance to the stone staircase lead up to the summit. Multiple ascending dirt trails weave into the woods, popular with local hikers. Once to the top, visitors are greeted with an incredible view of the Austin skyline and the various residential areas peacefully situated along the river bed. Climbing the mountain is free. For other fun and free Austin, activities feel free to check out another one of our other 512area articles, free things to do in Texas.

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

An astounding showcase of native Austin flora and fauna, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a relaxing and extraordinarily scenic place to visit. With observation tower, walking trails lined with assortments of Austins finest flowers and plant life; city dwellers escape from the bustling city in favor of a flowering oasis. 

McKinney Falls State Park

Mckinney Falls State Park also captures the serene naturalistic dimension of Austin. Located only 9.8 miles away from Downtown Austin lays a wonderful spot to cool off and frolic in the loving arms of mother nature. Tucked among a lush forest lay a babbling river with an upper and lower set of medium-sized waterfalls. They both have natural pool areas that are great for swimming and jumping into(so long as you make sure the water is deep is enough). Entrance is $6 per person.

Blanton Museum of Art

To get a real taste of what sort of the Austin Art scene evokes, look no further than the Barton Museum of Art. Featuring works from both local and international artists, this gallery showcases a nuanced array of mediums and styles. Admission costs $12 for adults, 13-21 year-olds are $5 and children under 12 are free.


Austin is bike-friendly. Whether you want to tool around the city on your own and create your own adventure, or a guided tour, Austin has you covered. There are plenty of options for cruising around town.  

Zilker Park

Where spring swimming and miniature train ridding meet, and the fun doesn’t end there. Zilker Park is one of the crown jewels of Austin. The hillside theatre stages musicals for free. Additionally, you'll enjoy Ladybird Lake, a serene and winding waterway where you can rent kayaks, standup paddleboards, and canoes. Zilker is also a great place to have a picnic with tons of picnic benches near the entrance to Barton Springs.

Live Music

Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of the World. Whether your jam is blues, rock, or jazz, it's happening here. Find a destination for your favorite type of tunes, or wander for a special surprise. There is lots of great live music in Austin!

So whether you need a relaxing trip to recharge the ole batteries or want the whirlwind experience of truly tapping into the main vein of Austin living is all about, new memories are waiting!

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Photo Courtesy of Unsplash